Thursday Reviews:

Sad little bucey, they looked gorgeous when I got them in though.

Okay, I know I said I was going to review the Aquatek Mini.  Unfortunately, I’m still trying to get it dialed in.  Mostly, I’m having issues because I work during the day and it comes on after I go to work.  I only have a few hours at night to mess with it.  So I’ll review the regulator next week.  It’s not fair to review something that I don’t have working correctly yet.

If you are looking for bucephalandra, hands down you should check out Buce  I’ve been searching for a good source for buce for a while.  It’s available at plenty of places, but seriously, so expensive.  Buce Plant has tons of varieties of buce, most of them for around $5.99 plus shipping.  I ran into the store searching ebay for different plants.  He uses both eBay and his own store front to sell a variety of plants.  I purchased 5 different buce plants, along with a crypt and fissidens moss from this retailer.  I wish I would have taken pictures before everything went to hell.  The buce is starting to come back though.  I’m seeing new leaves sprouting out of most of the tops of plants as well as along the rhizomes.

Look at all the tiny leaves on the rhizome, those are new growth!!!  This is they same plant from above.

The ordering process was very quickly.  I made my purchase through eBay, this was before I realized he had a separate store front online.  I was able to separate the larger plants into smaller clumps to add to the pieces of manzanita wood.  Each plant had a good number of leaves and a nice healthy rhizome.  Some of the plants separated as I pulled them out of the bags, others I pulled apart with very little difficulty.  Like anubias, as long as the rhizome is intact, the plant should divide.  I ordered different varieties, and was planning on labeling what they were and where they went.  I totally didn’t do that.  Once I got in there with the super glue it was all I could do not to glue myself to the plants, the wood, or anything else.

This poor guy almost got choked out by hair algae, the shrimp have really cleaned and fluffed him back up.

The fissidens moss is attached to a stainless steel mesh pad.  It came in very lush and healthy.  The crypts melted pretty badly, pretty much what I expected.  I found four plants in the single cup I bought.  Well worth the price.

Shipping was reasonable at $9 for the entire order.  The package was delivered two days after I got notification of shipping.  They included a hot pack without any extra cost.  Everything was packaged well, and I had no damage in shipping.

I also ordered a dwarf water lettuce, unfortunately it was sold out.  They contacted me the next day and offered other options.  I wound up choosing a salvinia cucullata.  I put it in the axolotl tank to pull out extra nitrates.  Unfortunately Smaug seems to think it’s food and kept trying to eat it.  This caused him to be a bit bound up, and I literally just cleaned out the biggest poop I’ve ever seen in his tank.  I tried to save it by throwing it into the Shrimp(less) Shack.  It unfortunately molded over.  Silly axolotl.

They offer a bunch of other dry goods for aquascaping and a few fancier rimless tanks.  Buce also have a few harder to find varieties of plants, and some just plain cool stuff.  Like a giant bulbitis mat, I don’t need one, but it looks really neat.

I definitely will be shopping at Buce again.  I love to support the local guys, but there are a lot of things that I just can’t find in Colorado.  Buce is cheaper than most of the competitors I’ve looked at, and has a wide variety of beautiful specimens.


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